[aprssig] KPC3P-8.3 fill in digi settings?

ke5c ke5c at hot.rr.com
Thu Aug 7 15:10:15 EDT 2008

Hello and TIA.  I am not nor do I have the inclination to learn about 
setting up the above digi in any detail,  but could I please have some 
recommendations (off list would be fine)?  The purpose of this digi will 
be to extend the range of an IGate, and I think that is referred to as a 
"fill-in digi".  In any case, all we want is to digipeat APRS packets so 
that KE5C-15, a javaprssrvr IGate, in direct range 30 miles away will 
hear them.  I think I want:

uidupe 30
uiflood wide,30,noid
uidwait ?????

Or is this all wrong?  As I said, TIA - I have a time limited 
opportunity to get this done, so I really appreciate any guidance.

73 -- John

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