[aprssig] distributed findu possible ?

Michael Conrad do5mc at friggleware.de
Wed Aug 6 15:37:59 EDT 2008

Hi Tom,

>> 4. The responsible node displays the APRS information (station status, wx, raw data) or is able
>>   to show near APRS traffic.
> I use a system very similar to this to display APRS traffic. I use a
> program called Xastir, but there are a few other programs with similar
> features. Xastir allows me to connect to the APRS-IS via my local Tier
> 2 server. The Tier 2 server then relays APRS traffic to my map. I can
> filter by geographic area with a box or radius, and/or request data
> for individual stations. By defining a filter specific to only the
> data I need, the bandwidth costs are minimal. If I connect a TNC and
> radio to the computer, Xastir can also display APRS data from RF and
> even help add that data to the APRS-IS system via the same Tier 2
> server.
I know, but these applications can not be used by a web browser and
your local setup can not be used by others. This is one of the advantages
of the web based APRS applications. They can be used without special
software or hardware, only a web browser is needed.



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