[aprssig] Found and Resolved! (re: BL1730)

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 19:56:25 EDT 2008

See we are designated to self policing, I have a better idea, the FCC is too 
slow, next time let me handle it. I am a professional at dealing with 
belligerence, it better then chocolate!

Just sometimes it is a pain to clean up the shotgun splatter!


> Let's see if he is beligerent when he get's contacted by the FCC and his
> company is found to be the responsible party. It's nice to see that he
> calmed down but to have someone threaten to indict someone for no reason
> when his company (and in turn HIM) was breaking the law...seems like 
> someone
> needs to be taught a lesson and be put into his place on the food chain. I
> don't use the word HATE often but in this case I HATE people who think 
> they
> can threaten and use attorney's as a "weapon", we call them SCUM.> and 
> have whoever was responsible call me back.

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