[aprssig] APRS SSn-N Spec.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 29 10:47:42 EST 2007

Some areas of Europe are beginning to organize their SSn-N
I want to clarify some things which also apply in the USA and
everywhere else also...

1) They can be SSn-N or SSSn-N depending on local needs.  For
example Deleware is DEn-N, but Pennsylvania will use EPAn-N and
WPAn-N, etc..  Best organized along the ham radio organizations
commmunications boundaries.

2) They could be 4 characters, though I doubt that is needed.
And global uniqueness is not required.  The only requirement is
that any two identical regions cannot TOUCH each other or there
will be bleed-over.  But as long as there is at least 2 rows of
digis inbetween, then two areas can have the same abbreviation.
Hummh...  But Maybe for the future, it might be useful to have
uniqueness?  SO maybe it is worth seeing if you can resolve
yours to be unique.  Who knows how we might use that for some
kind of global addressing or something in the future?

3) It is important to include "Wn, SSn-N" or "Wn,SSSn-N" in the
first bytes of every digi's BEACON, so that users can always
tell what is supported at EACH DIGI.  

4) NOTICE that this "Wn, SSn-N" is different from some of my
original documentaion where "Wn,SSn" was all that was
receommneded.  But then for Virginia, the beacon text looked
like "W2,VAn Mobileers Radio club" and the "VAn" looked
confusing with  "Van" etc.  So in keeping with the preferred
distinct 10x10 byte window on many mobile rigs, we are now
recommending that the full 10 byte window be used as in "Wn,
SSn-N" or "Wn,SSSn-N" etc.  

If you find any WEB references including mine that do not
reflect these recommendaitons, lets get them changed.


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