[aprssig] PSK31 and OLPC?

J. Lance Cotton joe at lightningflash.net
Mon Nov 12 14:45:28 EST 2007

on 11/12/2007 1:33 PM Jack Cavanagh said the following:
> QPSK-31 is an FEC mode. OLIVIA, Chip-64, etc are alternate FEC modes to 
> consider. If it is kids using whatever, they will pick it up real fast. 
> They do not bring any bias to the table. On the other hand, the manager 
> of one HRO store told me he has had more than one ham return a Kenwood 
> D-700 because it was too complicated!

The linux program fldigi is a multi-mode HF soundcard digital application 
that supports a wide variety of soundcard digital modes.

The companion program flarq is an adjunct of fldigi that adds ARQ connection 
management to fldigi and allows for sending of emails, text, and binary files.

flarq add ARQ capability to any of the modes fldigi supports, which include 
(from the website):
DominoEX 4 	DominoEX 5 	DominoEX 8 	DominoEX 11 	DominoEX 16 	DominoEX 22 		
Feld-Hell 	FSK-Hell 	FSK-Hell 105 					
MFSK-8 	MFSK-16 	MFSK-16 pix 					
PSK-31 	QPSK-31 	PSK-63 	QPSK-63 	PSK-125 	QPSK-125 	PSK-250 	QPSK-250
OLIVIA 	various tones and bandwidth 		
RTTY 	various Baud Rates, Shifts, Nbr of data bits, etc. 		
Throb-1 	Throb-2 	Throb-4 	ThrobX-1 	ThrobX-2 	ThrobX-4

This seems to me to be an excellent start on reliable message and data 
passing using the best mode for the time/frequency/rig.

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