[aprssig] PSK31 and OLPC?

aprs aprs at ka1eui.net
Mon Nov 12 15:15:34 EST 2007

I am quite new to all of this and really enjoying it.  I have a lot to 
Having said that I was wondering what you think of PSKMail as a solution?



J. Lance Cotton wrote:
> on 11/12/2007 1:33 PM Jack Cavanagh said the following:
>> QPSK-31 is an FEC mode. OLIVIA, Chip-64, etc are alternate FEC modes 
>> to consider. If it is kids using whatever, they will pick it up real 
>> fast. They do not bring any bias to the table. On the other hand, the 
>> manager of one HRO store told me he has had more than one ham return 
>> a Kenwood D-700 because it was too complicated!
> The linux program fldigi is a multi-mode HF soundcard digital 
> application that supports a wide variety of soundcard digital modes.
> http://www.w1hkj.com/Fldigi-2.x.html
> The companion program flarq is an adjunct of fldigi that adds ARQ 
> connection management to fldigi and allows for sending of emails, 
> text, and binary files.
> http://www.w1hkj.com/FlarqHelpFiles/flarq.html
> flarq add ARQ capability to any of the modes fldigi supports, which 
> include (from the website):
> CW                                   
> DominoEX 4     DominoEX 5     DominoEX 8     DominoEX 11     DominoEX 
> 16     DominoEX 22        
> Feld-Hell     FSK-Hell     FSK-Hell 105                    
> MFSK-8     MFSK-16     MFSK-16 pix                    
> PSK-31     QPSK-31     PSK-63     QPSK-63     PSK-125     QPSK-125     
> PSK-250     QPSK-250
> OLIVIA     various tones and bandwidth        
> RTTY     various Baud Rates, Shifts, Nbr of data bits, etc.        
> Throb-1     Throb-2     Throb-4     ThrobX-1     ThrobX-2     ThrobX-4
> This seems to me to be an excellent start on reliable message and data 
> passing using the best mode for the time/frequency/rig.

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