[aprssig] PSK31 and OLPC?

Jack Cavanagh cjcav at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 12 14:33:11 EST 2007

Jim Lux wrote:
> For message passing, I think there are better choices. One might want to have some form of FEC, for instance.  With the processing available in the PC, one can probably use more sophisticated signal processing.   Why not use something like MIL-STD-188 ALE?

    MIL-STD-188 ALE  has been implemented sound card beta versions as MARS ALE and PC ALE.
However a 400 MHz PC is marginal for this mode.

    QPSK-31 is an FEC mode.  OLIVIA, Chip-64, etc are alternate FEC modes to consider.  If it is 
kids using whatever, they will pick it up real fast.  They do not bring any bias to the table.  On 
the other hand, the manager of one HRO store told me he has had more than one ham return a Kenwood 
D-700 because it was too complicated!


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