[aprssig] GPS Hardware Vendors Buying Up Mapping Data Vendors

Ken H> sailingtoo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 20:05:40 EST 2007

I used to buy a new version of SA every couple of yrs myself - even since
version 3.0.  Then at version 9.0? when they changed the total format I
stopped.  Last version I purchased and am still using version 8.0 - MUCH
easier to use.  I changed to the newer versions and stayed with them for a
while, then would switch back.  My brother played with my version 9.0 and
refused to change.

Ken H> K9FV
On Nov 5, 2007 7:00 PM, Drew Baxter <droobie at maine.rr.com> wrote:

> Delorme Street Atlas, the software product.. I buy it every time a
> new version comes out.  I also buy Topo USA, which is updated less
> frequently (Every few years instead of every year).
> Not sure about the latest Gazeeteer since I haven't bought one
> lately.  I think the paper maps are a little dated, though the new
> revision should have our exit changes (if it's out yet or coming soon
> I'm not sure).  I think they only refresh them every 2 years or
> something like that.
> You may find some of their areas (like Northern NJ) use pretty old
> GDT (now Teleatlas I think) data.. But in Northern New England they
> do seem to map their own.  They also offer custom mapping using
> aircraft as part of their XMap platform, etc.
> I don't see the credit going to Teleatlas, Navteq, etc. when I print
> out their maps anymore either.  On older vers it showed credit to
> where the maps were derived from.
> SA lets you 'build your own road' based on GPS trail in their
> software too.  That's helped out a few times in helping them with errors.
>  :)
> --Droo, K1XVM
> At 07:53 PM 11/5/2007, Ken H> wrote:
> >I had been wondering about Delorme - they ask users to send in map
> >updates and corrections as if they were using them.  You say Delorme
> >had the new exit numbers - is this on Street Atlas?  OR the Delorme
> >paper maps?  I've never fully understood why Delorme doesn't just
> >hire a bunch of programmers to enter their "paper" date into
> >electronic format for GPS mapping - their paper maps are a LOT more
> >accurate and uptodate than any of the GPS data.
> >
> >Ken H> K9FV
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