[aprssig] GPS Hardware Vendors Buying Up Mapping Data Vendors

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Mon Nov 5 20:00:23 EST 2007

Delorme Street Atlas, the software product.. I buy it every time a 
new version comes out.  I also buy Topo USA, which is updated less 
frequently (Every few years instead of every year).

Not sure about the latest Gazeeteer since I haven't bought one 
lately.  I think the paper maps are a little dated, though the new 
revision should have our exit changes (if it's out yet or coming soon 
I'm not sure).  I think they only refresh them every 2 years or 
something like that.

You may find some of their areas (like Northern NJ) use pretty old 
GDT (now Teleatlas I think) data.. But in Northern New England they 
do seem to map their own.  They also offer custom mapping using 
aircraft as part of their XMap platform, etc.

I don't see the credit going to Teleatlas, Navteq, etc. when I print 
out their maps anymore either.  On older vers it showed credit to 
where the maps were derived from.

SA lets you 'build your own road' based on GPS trail in their 
software too.  That's helped out a few times in helping them with errors.  :)

--Droo, K1XVM

At 07:53 PM 11/5/2007, Ken H> wrote:
>I had been wondering about Delorme - they ask users to send in map 
>updates and corrections as if they were using them.  You say Delorme 
>had the new exit numbers - is this on Street Atlas?  OR the Delorme 
>paper maps?  I've never fully understood why Delorme doesn't just 
>hire a bunch of programmers to enter their "paper" date into 
>electronic format for GPS mapping - their paper maps are a LOT more 
>accurate and uptodate than any of the GPS data.
>Ken H> K9FV

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