[aprssig] GPS Hardware Vendors Buying Up Mapping Data Vendors

Ken H> sailingtoo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 19:53:44 EST 2007

I had been wondering about Delorme - they ask users to send in map updates
and corrections as if they were using them.  You say Delorme had the new
exit numbers - is this on Street Atlas?  OR the Delorme paper maps?  I've
never fully understood why Delorme doesn't just hire a bunch of programmers
to enter their "paper" date into electronic format for GPS mapping - their
paper maps are a LOT more accurate and uptodate than any of the GPS data.

Ken H> K9FV

On Nov 5, 2007 5:29 PM, Drew Baxter <droobie at maine.rr.com> wrote:

> Delorme acquires much of their own map data nowadays.  I know this
> for sure because Teleatlas and Navteq were wrong here for many years
> but Delorme still had our new interstate offramp and the new exit
> numbers from when they renumbered the highway.
> --Droo, K1XVM
> At 01:59 PM 11/5/2007, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> >*** GPS Mapping Data Getting Really Valuble ***
> >
> >Almost all of the commonly-used mapping programs (Streets & Trips,
> >Delorme Street Atlas, Precision Mapping, TopoUSA, MapPoint, etc)
> >used by our APRS applications -AND- nearly all web sites such as
> >Expedia, Google Maps, MapQuest, Yahoo, etc. -AND- most of the maps
> >in display GPS devices use mapping databases provided by one of two
> >companies: TeleAtlas or NavTeq The various vendors dress up and
> >present this data differently (and supplement it with other data),
> >but the basic raw road info almost always comes from one or the
> >other of these two companies.
> >
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