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Thu Nov 1 23:27:05 EDT 2007

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> Adam KD0BML wrote...
> > I asked elsewhere any they all complained that it would clog up the
> > airwaves with unneeded information. I've had my IGate up for over
> > a month and a half and have had only 1 other user that passed through
> > town. The rest of the RF packets received were WIDE3s digied in
> > from users 100+ miles up into Wisconsin. I don't think congestion
> > would be a problem.
> Keep in mind that the suggestion about clogging the airwaves was before
> you
> came up with the information that you had only heard one other station in
> a
> month and a half. I take it that the one station you heard was direct and
> not via any digis, but keep in mind that if you flood a bunch of traffic
> from the APRS-IS via any path other than direct, you will also be flooding
> the entire footprint of any digis that hear you. Only YOU can know if
> doing
> this will kill he APRS network where you live. Of course, if you
> completely
> saturate the frequency, a lot of people will tell you about it - hi!
> As to how to do it, just click on FILE - EDIT IGATE.INI and then go to
> to RF and go about adding the callsigns or prefixes (wildcards accepted)
> and
> choose what to send to RF... e.g.  beacons, objects, all, by destination,
> recipient and go at it.
> Keep it in mind that you have been warned that this is probably not a good
> thing. If you've been following the list recently, you will see that
> has been beaconing traffic to RF for all stations within 380 km of his
> location. However, there is very little APRS activity within 380 km of his
> location. Your situation may be different.
> What an IGate would normally gate to RF would be messages for local
> stations.
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH

There's really only 1 digi that can hear me and that I can hear and is about
35 miles away.  The digi isn't very active other than the wide3-3 beacons
the other digis farther up in wisconsin put out and many other mobile users
not in direct range of that digi.  They have good coverage in WI with most
every Digi having an IGate nearby so I have no idea why such long paths are

All I intend on gating right now are NWS packets from the 2 area offices so
that when I'm out storm chasing I don't always have to rely on an internet
connection for watches and warnings.  I was down towards central Iowa
chasing when on my UI-View the watch boxes automatically appeared and I'd
like that coverage here also.  I would only need a WIDE1-1, and probably
hear it RF direct most of the time.

I'm also working on a balloon project with a school and looking at maybe
gating other balloon launch packets locally to demonstrate how it works to
some of the students.

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