[aprssig] New ZL APRS List

Phil zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 1 14:56:47 EDT 2007

      Sorry to have to post this here but some members from other countries
as well as many here in NZL will be effected by this rather
strange move ...
From  Mark ZL2UFI  NZART Webmaster 
Members of this List

On Sunday 28 October 2007, the President of NZART Bruce Douglas ZL2WP
on the NZART Official Broadcast that all NZART Email Lists or Reflectors
become a resource available to members of NZART only. 

The only list not subject to this is Headquarters InfoLine, which will
remain a
resource for everyone.

Effectively immediately from 1 November 2007 this is now a members-only

This members-only service is nothing new as NZART by example it provides an
email alias service where members can use their callsign as an email address

e.g. zl2zyy at nzart.org.nz

The NZART Email Lists or Reflectors were originally set-up to provide
forums for various interest groups, under various titles - AREC and the New
Zealand DX Reflector to name but two examples.

However, over a long period of time some of these email lists have become
place to not only attack NZART, its Executive Council, Officers of the
Association, members and non-members; but to openly attack the personal
lives of
list members and their families - a totally unacceptable behaviour in any

While debate when used correctly is healthy and robust; the debates on the
various lists have at times deteriorated into nothing more that school yard
bullying, naming calling  and in more extreme cases, persons have been

These attacks have been from both members and non-members. 

As with all forms of debate, there comes with it a responsibility to
exercise it
with care. At times the intended message is misunderstood from that intended
emails can be read in a number of ways.

While there has at times been this poor behaviour many of the list members
provided good input into the running of NZART, and this has been reflected
a more transparent association, examples being full reporting of MED
and the public listing of NZART Executive Council On Air Minutes.

NZART provided this List service to all members and non-members without much
more than some simple rules and guidelines.

NZART is always looking to provide value or to enhance the services it
to its membership. Many complaints from within the lists to the Moderator or
Webmaster from both members and non-members have resulted in this
situation arising where people are not enjoying the experience.

Rather than shut down the Lists and thereby penalise everyone, NZART
Council has made the decision to close the lists to non-members.
All attempts will be made within reason to moderate the lists and no
is made that unless the situation improves that they will not be closed

Members of this list (members and non-members) alike will no doubt be
that such action is being taken, however the decision has been made. 

All members of NZART who wish to be a part of this list, or any other list
re-apply, with the exception of InfoLine which will remain unchanged.
In light of this I have started 2 new Yahoogroups
zlaprs at yahoogroups.com                   ZL APRS users 
zlpacket at yahoogroups.com             ZL Packet users
These groups will be open but moderated.
Those wishing to chat about this please not on this list but a letter /
Email to NZART would be more in line .. 
73 Phillip ZL2TZE

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