[aprssig] APRS -- Chicago to Mackinac Island sailboat race

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Fri Mar 30 06:41:11 EDT 2007

For a definitive explanation of the login line, go to http://www.aprs-is.net/valid.htm  Note that www.aprs-is.net is the definitive location for APRS-IS formatting including q constructs, etc.

For user, be sure to use a -unique- callsign-SSID (N9TN-VS, for example) since you already use N9TN as your home station.  Your validation code does not change.

The format for your packet can also be found at www.aprs-is.net  Since you are, in essence, gating the packets to APRS-IS, I recommend using something like:

N9TN-9>APRS,qAR,N9TN-VS:@092345/4349.13N/08653.55WY306/015Cheap'n'Deep sec 6 Chicago Mac race

Note the qAR construct tells APRS-IS that this packet has been received by N9TN-VS from RF (or non-APRS-IS means) and is being passed into APRS-IS by N9TN-VS.  This is assuming that you use the N9TN-VS user callsign-SSID combination on login.  One of the purposes for the q construct is to show a "port of entry" which this does (it is also used for loop detection).

Hope this helps.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl.net

PS: APRServe no longer exists on APRS-IS.  The majority of APRS-IS servers are running either javAPRSSrvr or aprsD.  Just a clarification.

From: Bill Borgstrom
Posted At: Thursday, March 29, 2007 11:42 PM
Subject: Re: [aprssig] APRS -- Chicago to Mackinac Island sailboat race

I was able to download and compile validation.c
The following is my first attempt at a logon string.  Is this correct?
==================  logon string  =================================
    user N9TN pass 27029 vers "custom program" 
The following is my attempt to form a TCP packet. Is this correct?  I find the tricky part is the addressing.
================== raw packet ==================================
    N9TN-9>TCPxx*,qAX,CORE-2:@092345/4349.13N/08653.55WY306/015Cheap'n'Deep sec 6 Chicago Mac race
Does the above raw packet need to be wrapped in a AX.25 packet?  My guess is that it doesn't.  How do I logon
and send this packet to APRServe?

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