[aprssig] Re: D700 bugs

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Sun Mar 18 00:10:33 EDT 2007

Keith VE7GDH wrote:
> Mark WA2MCT wrote...
>> There are no bugs in the D700. It is the perfect APRS mobile radio.
>> If it doesn't do what you want or need, you're using APRS incorrectly.
>> At least that's what a guy with APR in his call claims! :-)
>> I'd certainly welcome some improvements.
> Lemme see... it doesn't do SmartBeaconing. Not a factor for 
> stand-alone use,
> but the small buffer is sometimes a big problem in KISS mode. Then 
> there's
> the male DB-9 (DE-9) connector on it. I wouldn't turn down a D700 if you
> gave me one, but see the HamHUD for improvements. I'm sure the D710A
> will be a step up from the D700, but I'm also sure it will leave room for
> improvement too!

    Well, based on the images, it doesn't seem like there's any DB9 of 
any gender, so you should be happy with that.  ;-)

    I presume that one of the PS/2-style connectors on the back has 
serial lines.  Oh goody, another non-standard adapter I'll need to keep 
track of...

    I certainly hope Smart Beaconing is in the firmware.  And a TNC that 
can handle real packet traffic in KISS mode.   It will be well-nigh 
insane not to include them after all these years, considering the 
advances in microcontroller technology.  And I don't need to mention, 
I'm sure, that it had better be flash-upgradable...

- Rich

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