[aprssig] Re:All APRS Digipeaters In The World (Almost!) MappedOnUIview

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Mar 4 10:08:57 EST 2007

> My understanding was that we used the SSID of the station's 
> callsign to indicate a secondary function.

Too my knowledge, that has never been the case...

There are just too many potential applications for APRS to try
to force it into just 15 SSID's, hence, since about 1995, we
abandoned those defaults for SSID-s and invented the GPSXXX
format so that ANY of the over 200 symbols coiuld be used.  The
SSID convention never applied to anything except for a RAW NMEA
tracker, since it had no other way to inidcate its use...

However, due to the value of at least distinguishing a mobile,
an HT and the boehemoths, I still like some of them as an easy
way to recognise these few by eye...  Therefore, the only
defaults that I think are of any significance are:

> 	-6 is for Operations via Satellite
>    	-7 Kenwood D7 HH    *
>    	-8 is for boats, sailboats and ships  
>    	-9 is for Mobiles   *
>    	-11 is for APRStouch-tone users  (and the occasional
>    	-14 is for Truckers *

With only the *'ed ones the most valid.  

This does not have anything to do with color attributes which do
not distinguish by "type" but by function and other

> On Behalf Of Robert Bruninga
> Sent: Sunday, 4 March 2007 5:20 AM
> Sofware can easily tell the Igates by the IGATE packets, they
> can tell a digipeating station by its presence in the PATH of
> received packets, and they can tell WX by the presence of WX
> data.  All of these can be used to modify the display of that
> symbol.  The original APRS color attributes for all symbols
> (left out of many clients) were:
> WHITE is an active station with message capability
> GRAY (light) is an active station w/o message capability
> BLUE (light) is a WX station
> GREEN is a digipeating station
> CYAN is a dead-reckoned or moving station
> PURPLE is an Object (from somone else)
> YELLOW is your own active Object
> RED is an alarmed or otherwise special station/object
> GRAY (dark) is an inactive station not heard in >80 min
> BLUE (dark) is the previous location of a just moved station.
> CIRCLE shows position ambiguity (0, .1, 1, 10, 60 miles).
> PHG CIRCLE (in the same symbol color) shows the range
> In the original APRS, all symbols, whether they are STATIONS
> OBJECTS show these color attributes.  This is exteremly
> at looking at the map and at-a-glance and telling what is
> on.  Some systems used simplistic ICONS that ignored this
> fundamental part of APRS, and so all ICONS look the same
> they are 10 days old and meaningless, or are an active,
> high-priority object, 30 seconds old.
> See: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/symbols.html
> I think it is easy to add a small colored disk (or square)
> around those simplistic ICONs to better convey to the viewers
> what the APRS screen is actually displaying without having to
> click on all 300 of them to see what the are....
> Bob, WB4APR

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