[aprssig] EOC Standardized callsigns

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jun 21 17:41:47 EDT 2007

> Another issue is that not all APRS clients allow 
> the use of tactical callsigns.  We have UI-View32 
> setup in our EOC and I don't think using a 
> tactical callsign is possible.

Cant you just re-register it with the Tactical Call as its only
call (putting the real call in the Posit text of course)...?

> I think there needs to be some education in avoiding 
> the use of simplified tactical callsigns, like "EOC," 
> "REDCROSS" or "HOSPITAL."  That might fly locally, 
> but try to send a message to such a station via the APRS-IS. 

Yes, hopefully this global ARRL Section Naming convention would
help solve that problem...


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