[aprssig] EOC Standardized callsigns

Don Moore DonM at jobpointmo.org
Thu Jun 21 16:51:34 EDT 2007

I've been watching with interest as this gets hammered out.  I like this latest suggestion better than the others I've seen so far.  It takes several of the suggestions given and seems (at least at first glance) to cover the state/section needs as well as the local jurisdictions too.

My $.05 worth of comment...  thanks to everyone who contributed to this suggestion and to Bob for pulling it all together with the FIPS codes and all!

Don Moore - KMØR
Section Emergency Coordinator
Missouri Section ARES® 
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>> We should actually consider doing permanent tactical
>> calls for all ARRL ARES/RACES stations and EOC's.
>> Then from anywhere at any time, we can send
>> messages in the blind to these EOC's.
>The FIPS codes have been proposed since they give a unique 3
>digit code for every county.  Thus MD001 could be the tactical
>callsign of our Maryland, Anne Arundel county (001) EOC.  But
>since there may be many other pre-defined ADDEE's in each
>county's ARES or RACES organizations, maybe we could assign
>STANDARD tactical calls to them as well.
>Where SS is the state or SECTION code (could be SSS)
>Nnn is the County code
>-# (0-16) are the top most ARES/RACES positions.
>MD001 is the EOC in FIPS code county #001
>MD001-1 is the local Emergency Coordinator
>MD001-2 is the...
>MD-1 is the Maryland Section Manager
>MD-2 is the Maryland Section Emergency COordinator
>I'd like to hear from the AREA/RACES/ARRL emergency
>communicaitons coordinators on this list to comment on whether
>there is enough consistency in each ARRL section to be able to
>use these -# SSID's consistently...
>I don't know wny we didn't think of this before.  The purpose of
>APRS is to facilitate communicaitons in the field in real time.
>Pre-defining the tactical calls in our emergency repsonse
>ogranizations would drastically speed up our response and
>ability to communicate!
>Bob, WB4APR
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