[aprssig] Open Source Parser

James Jefferson Jarvis jj at aprsworld.net
Thu Jun 21 13:52:34 EDT 2007

aprsworld.net's parser is available on sourceforge.net. Search for 
aprsworld. It's written in C. It's designed to shoot the parsed data to 
a MySQL database, PostGIS database, or flat files. It would be pretty 
trivial to write another backend.

But nobody has a "validated" parser. APRS is too complex, too loosely 
defined, and too poorly engineered to have anything better than a good 

I always use Ian's perl aprsdec.pl program as my gold reference. Ian 
edited the APRS spec years ago.


M J wrote:

>Can anyone point me to an open source, already-in-existence parser that has been validated against the APRS protocol?  I am thinking about writing a software product to simply display APRS Internet-stream data (but not inject any data into the stream) and would prefer to not try to digest the entire protocol document if I don't have to.  Thanks!  -MJ
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