[aprssig] Radio cable requests

'Scott Miller' scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jun 5 00:24:02 EDT 2007

My supply of standard speaker-mic cables is running low and I'm ordering
another batch from the factory in China.  I'm also getting some Kenwood
types this time, since I've had a lot of requests for those.  The same
factory also produces about two dozen other types of cables, including a lot
of Motorola  varieties.

Last time I had to get Motorola cables for the local SAR team's GP68
handhelds, they were about $20 each from a Motorola dealer.  I think the big
screw-on types are even more expensive.  If anyone out there has requests
for particular cables, let me know and I'll add some to the order if there's
enough demand to justify it.

These will be plain 1-meter cables, uncoiled, with a black PVC jacket and
stripped and tinned leads, suitable for building tracker cables or whatever.
Let me know your requests soon, as I'm trying to get an order placed in the
next few days.  My last shipment has lasted about a year, so it's not likely
I'll reorder again soon.



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