[aprssig] D700 Tip. Reading Mail

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 31 19:00:53 EDT 2007

I think the scenario envisioned by Wes and Bob would be something like this:

Assuming a home/fixed station running 24/7

Program a memory (#100 for example) with 144.39, RX PL or 100Hz, TX PL 
of 103.5Hz (To use your example).

Program a memory next to it (#99 for instance) with 144.39, RX and TX PL 

For day to day you run your radio set to Chan 100 (100RX, 103.5TX). 
This way you can hear the packet burst of any simplex range mobiles on 
Voice Alert, but your station is not "QRMing" the "Voice Alert Channel" 
when your not there to take advantage of it or otherwise busy. The APRS 
infrastructure ignores the PL either way so no impact to normal APRS ops.

If you happen to be in your shack when you hear a VA station, simply 
switch your APRS radio to Chan 99 (100Hz TX and RX), contact the mobile 
station, and move the QSO to another simplex freq or local repeater 
using your shack's normal voice radio (or the other band of your APRS 
radio if it's dualband).

This of course assumes that our radio capable of splitting TX and RX PL 
tones pulls it's audio for the TNC prior to the CTCSS kicking in to mute 
the speaker as does the D700.

Chris Rose wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't been reading all of this thread but if your TX and RX have 
> different tones set, your TX may or may not open squelch on desired 
> receiver you want to get attention of and they won't open yours if you 
> have 100 on your RX and they have 103.5 set on theirs.  For this voice 
> alert to work both have to be the same. 
> Chris
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> Some radios do allow for a different pl for TX than RX, and in that 
> case, set the RX pl tone to 100 and the TX pl tone to anything but 100hz.
> Wes

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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