[aprssig] Broken digis (Ohio to Oklahoma and everywhere inbetween)

James Smith k9apr at tawg.org
Sun Jul 29 22:50:21 EDT 2007

Hi Dave

Dave Sloan wrote:
> Hi James and everyone else,
>    I agree with James that some digi owners might take their system down.
> But, would that really be a bad thing it they don't support the new system.
> What good does it really do for the APRS community? A few locals that are
> using the old system will be able to use the digi. But, anyone that is
> traveling will not be able to use the system. 
I agree with Dave, but lets go one step further, by saying lets not cram 
stuff down the digipeater owners throat. If someone tells you how to run 
your station eventually you're going to one or two things. First comply 
with what they're telling you to do. Or you might do number Two and turn 
it off. The digipeater may or may not serve the whole APRS community. 
But does serve a small area of users that should be there choice. Right 
or Wrong!!!!! I do believe you should educate the end-user though on the 
other available options out there. Let them decide that, has APRS grown, 
has it lost ops already because of this back and forth stuff yes.... I 
remember when I was the poster child of HF APRS, the person that 
complained about my station didn't contact me directly they went to the 
FCC instead. I'm one of the easiest person to get a hold of in the 
world. So what did I do, I called the FCC and pulled the plug, It wasn't 
my station causing the issue, cause it is still there today. Guess what, 
I won't ever beacon on 30 meters again. So think before you act, cause 
you might make things a whole lot worst. And then again maybe not!!!!! 
Be professional first and foremost, tell them your willing to help. 
Remember this is just a hobby, and we need to play nice in the sandbox 
(i.e. network)!!!!! Soap box off!!!!!
> James, we are in the process of putting up another digi for here in
> Colorado Springs. Hope, that this will fill in the coverage for I-25 from
> Wyoming to New Mexico.
That's good news, I will be in Texas and New Mexico sometime in 
September or October time frame..... I have some spare equipment if need 
be to help you guys out....
> TNX & 73,
> Dave N0EOP
James Smith K9APR
k9apr at k9apr.org

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