[aprssig] D700 Tip. Reading Mail

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 31 18:58:20 EDT 2007

> I haven't been reading all of this thread 
> but if your TX and RX have different tones, 
> your TX may or may not open squelch on 
> desired receiver you want to get attention of...

Yes, you missed the thread a bit...  If you don't mind, I have a
tendency to capitalize some words for emphasis.  I am not
yelling, hi hi...

MOBILES should be TX and Rxing APRS with TONE 100.  That is
Voice Alert.

On the other hand... If anyone wants to monitor from a base
stastion, then we do NOT want them Txing with tone 100!  Because
more often than not, they are not in the shacck and are not

When an APRS station is TRSNMITTING Tone 100 on Voice Alert, it
is identical to CALLING CQ, actively soliciting a QSO, and at
the same time, PROMISING to be listening also to TONE 100 for
any calls.  Fortunately, since the mobile has to have a driver,
you can pretty much guarantee that an operator is present in the
moving vehicle and LISTENING.

On the other hand.  Despite the best intentions of a monitoring
base station, there is more often than not, NO ONE IN THE SHACK
AND NO ONE IS LISTENING.  If they are then Txing with TONE 100,
they are pinging all these mobiles that drive through the area,
and calling CQ to them, and making them hear these packets, but
the operator is not present to respond to their calls.

Hence, we ask that BASE STATIONS simply NEVER TX with TONE 100.
They are welcome to listen with TONE 100, but in many
transceivers, that automatically swithes on the TONE 100 for TX
too.  This simply is inconsiderate at best and the worst
practice.  The comment was that there are some radios that can
separately enable TX and RX tone.  Those rigs could be used for
monitroing Voice Alert from a base station, since they would not
be sengin out the TX tone 100, yet could monitor with TONE 100
for other mobiles nearby when they happened to be in the shack.

Hope that helps.


that is desired for BASE statinos which may or may not hav
anyone listening.

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