[aprssig] APRS messages being seen by "base" station

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 25 17:52:30 EDT 2007


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to preach again to the
choir.  Here is some more info to help you and others to
understand the thing about APRS messages...

Think in terms that APRS is not about messages to machines.
APRS is all about human-to-human communications (despite too
many people's missunderstandings to the contrary).  It is the
Human that is the recepient of the message.  Anything that we
can do to maximize his chance of seeing the message to him, is
what we are tyring to do.

Hope that helps...  Bob, WB4APR 

> -----Original Message-----
> Sorry, but a few more questions.
> On 25 Jul 2007, at 21:06, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >> If I send a ... message, to another station from
> >> EI8FDB-10, that station message response is
> >> delivered to EI8FDB,  not EI8FDB-10.
> >
> > That is how APRS was designed.  Many of us have 3 or more
> > stations on the air at any one time (home, car, HT, etc).
> > People who send you messages usually may not know which
> > you are currently near.
> Hmm...I can understand the logic of it, but it seems slightly
> To give an example I can understand (I need things broken down
> me:) )
> If I have 2 computers with IP address, and  
> that I "operate", and I send a ping ICMP message ("a hello are
> there, if so  please respond" message) from to
> computer say, I would expect .33 to respond to
> *only*.
> Or, at least if the 100.33 machine *knows* (through some magic

> service) that I own 1.2 and 1.3, I would expect it to reply to
> Maybe I am being extra stupid here...I should of course read
> spec. I will do that now.
> > We decided that ALL stations under your call will RECEIVE
> > message to any of your same callsign stations independent of
> > SSID.  But ONLY the call with the exact match  of the SSID
> > ACK it.
> So, I should still receive the response to the originating
radio (in  
> this case EI8FDB-10)?
> If so, this is my problem: I don't.
> > Think of these other deliveries to your other sub-stations
> > "courtesy copies)...
> APRS sees every station with "-XX" as a sub-station, even if
> message originated from a sub-station?
> Apologies if I am not getting the message (hi hi) here!
> thanks in advance,
> bernard

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