[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jul 24 15:56:44 EDT 2007

 > What is the difference between an OT2 and an OT1+ besides packaging?

The OT1+ has 16k of code space and no demodulator chip - it's all 
software based.  The T2 has 60k of code space and a hardware 
demodulator.  As for software features:


Waypoint output to NMEA $GPWPL format only (like the Kenwoods, but with 
full support for objects, items, and compression).  KISS support will be 
a separate firmware load, coming soon.  WX firmware is also separate 
(and easily switchable, no hardware changes needed).  Remote control is 
limited to turning on and off output pins.  No command console, but you 
can send plain text packets and CW beacons.


Waypoint output to NMEA, Magellan, and Garmin, with symbol lookup (and 
support for custom APRS symbols), and altitude and comments in waypoint 
details.  Full WIDEn-N digi with preemption.  Text-based command 
console, and remote access to almost all commands, including firmware 
patching.  Can run KISS, GPS, WX station, digipeater, and telemetry 

The OT1+ kit is currently selling for $32, including the case.  That's 
with a 1 amp regulator, like the OT1x or the TinyTrak3+.  The Tracker2 
(OT2m version) will probably sell for around $85, assembled and tested. 
   The T2-135 is $75, since it's a simpler board and lacks the expensive 
steel enclosure.

If you're comparing across manufacturers, the OT1+ is somewhere between 
the TinyTrak3+ and the TinyTrak4, or at least what's planned for the 
TT4.  The Tracker2 is well beyond that, though it doesn't have 9600 baud 


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