[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Mike Fenske mfenske at telus.net
Tue Jul 24 16:27:11 EDT 2007

Scott Miller wrote:
>  > What is the difference between an OT2 and an OT1+ besides packaging?
> Tracker2:
> Waypoint output to NMEA, Magellan, and Garmin, with symbol lookup (and 
> support for custom APRS symbols), and altitude and comments in waypoint 
> details.  Full WIDEn-N digi with preemption.  Text-based command 
> console, and remote access to almost all commands, including firmware 
> patching.  Can run KISS, GPS, WX station, digipeater, and telemetry 
> concurrently.
> Scott
> N1VG

Also, the Tracker2 has 2 serial ports which allow you to connect both a GPS and computer simultaneously.

Mike Fenske

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