[aprssig] findU Messages

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Jul 19 22:52:15 EDT 2007

On Jul 19, 2007, at 10:00 PM, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
> Of course, Steve, you are ignoring my original point.  Your two  
> targeted messages on your findU pages are misleading and false!

I disagree, I think they are neither, but you are entitled to your  
opinion. As you say, findU is not a monopoly. If it bothers you, use  
another web site.

> T2 has never given up its support of CWOP or any other connections.

Really? Did you think your message was not saved?

On January 6, 2007 at 11:21:56 AM EST, you sent a message to two  
highly placed officials within NOAA which begins:

Hello, gentlemen.  I have been privy to all of the conversations of the
past couple of months, but have remained largely silent while trying to
figure out what's best to do.  We at Tier 2 have come up with what we
think is the best possible plan for everyone.  We will be ending our
involvement with the CWOP program.

Maybe you meant to say "We are turning off our servers so that the  
load will transfer to the core which will crash and we will be proven  
correct and then we can ride in to save the day", but what you said  
was "We will be ending our involvement with the CWOP program". You  
turned your servers off shortly thereafter, and in doing so you  
proved the core could easily handle the load you claimed it could  
not. When you came back weeks later indicating you did not want to  
end your involvement with CWOP, you were rebuffed by those same NOAA  
officials. Weather is serious business to those people, and CWOP has  
become an important tool for them and many forecasters within the  
National Weather Service. They want the CWOP data handled by people  
that act professionally, not people that play games.

The latest versions of all the weather client programs have been  
updated to remove the hardcoded T2 servers lobbied for by members of  
T2 in favor of the core rotate scheme, and the vast majority of the  
load transfered to the core without any difficulty. The messages you  
complain about have been dynamically placed on the findU wxpage since  
January for those stations which have no recent data or who are  
connected to T2 servers. These messages are there catch the  
stragglers, to fulfill the desires of the NOAA administrators of  
CWOP, who wish no weather traffic travel through your or Dick's  
servers, because of your demonstrated lack of concern for the  
importance of this data.

Frankly, if I had embarrassed myself this badly, I'd never mention it  
again. However, if you insist on trying to rewrite history with  
statements like "T2 has never given up its support of CWOP" I'll be  
there to remind everyone of what really happened.

I apologize to those on the SIG that do not want to listen to more of  
this crap, but I cannot allow outright lies to go unchallenged.

Steve K4HG

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