[aprssig] Re: Viewpoint+, Web based APRS program with 2-way APRS messaging.

BH brent.hildebrand at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 08:15:46 EDT 2007

>From feedback I have received, I have found a bug in formatting of the Posit
packet where the leading zero was being dropped.  v0.7.24 has been posted to
correct this.

In Viewpoint+, for outgoing message, if you want to kill an out going
message, from the message entry screen, enter the following for the text:
//XX   where XX is the outgoing message you want to kill.  Example,  //73
for outgoing message 73.  Viewpoint+ indicates outgoing messages with a
number off the left of the messages.  Green means the message is active.
Black means the message has been ACK'ed.  Blue, the message has gone cold.

Brent KH2Z

On 7/1/07, BH <brent.hildebrand at gmail.com> wrote:
> Note - Viewpoint+ will use two IP address for serving HTTP pages.
> Localhost,, and the IP address assigned to the computer by your
> local network.  So to view pages, point your  browser to
> http://localhost[:port] where port is the port number you assigned in the
> [CONFIG] section of Settings.  If this is port 80, then leave off the port
> designation.
> Brent KH2Z
> On 7/1/07, BH <brent.hildebrand at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I've posted a new program I'm experimenting with which I call
> > Viewpoint+.  The program current connects to the APRS/IS and parses the data
> > stream.  Users can connect to Viewpoint+ using a web browser.  If you put
> > Viewpoint+ on the Internet, that means you can have access to the program
> > from just about anywhere.  Viewpoint+ allows for the sending and receiving
> > of APRS messages.  Users connecting to Viewpoint+ are asked for their
> > Callsign and an operator supplied login passcode.  Thus you have control of
> > who uses your system.
> >
> > Brief documentation about the program can be downloaded here:
> > ftp://ftp.tapr.org/aprssig/winstuff/aprsplus/Viewpoint+.pdf
> >
> > The program itself can be downloaded here:
> > ftp://ftp.tapr.org/aprssig/winstuff/aprsplus/Viewpoint+Setup0723.exe
> >
> > The program does require an installation registration number which I
> > will supply when you ask for it by email.  This number is used to validate
> > the program to the APRS/IS.
> >
> > Note: Viewpoint+ currently does not parse weather data, and does not
> > decode Citizen's weather stations.
> >
> > Note2: Viewpoint+ is experimental.  It may be withdrawn at any time.
> > Features may change or removed, and not be compatible with older versions.
> >
> > Comments are welcome.  Please put Viewpoint in the subject of any email
> > correspondence.  Also include what version number you are using.
> >
> > Brent Hildebrand, KH2Z
> >
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