[aprssig] Peet Bros Weather Outlook cwaprs

Russ Chadwick russ at wxqa.com
Thu Dec 20 18:26:31 EST 2007

Ruth Ludwig wrote:
> Hi,
> A;nybody using
>  Weahter Outlook to upload weather data to Citizen Weather?
> The program was working well up to 5 days ago.
> I checked the configuration and it looks ok.
> The cwaprs add-on has 5 servers to choose from.  The program suggest 
> using port 23 so that the data could rotate to other servers if one 
> went down.  I was using port 14580 when the data stoped uploading.  
> Now neither port works.
> The program is working fine at the computer.
> Mayge there was a change in the servers?
> I can't find a way to add anouther server to the add-on.
> Any ideas?

The servers are working fine as shown here,


The recommended set-up is "rotate.aprs.net" (without the quotes) using 
port 14580.


Russ  KB0TVJ

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