[aprssig] digi using D710... callsign SSIDs decrementing?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 17 14:33:53 EST 2007

> Subject: D710... callsign SSIDs decrementing?
> He tried to set it up for digipeating, but 
> something seems to be not right. The symptoms 
> are that it seems to be decrementing the SSID 
> of the station that it is digipeating, 

Make sure you are not talking about the AX25 TOCALL.  The SSID
of the AX.25 TOCALL (usually APXXXX) does not have any SSID.
The SSID of the TOCALL is used for very efficient (but
non-traceable) SSID digipeating and will decrement on each use.

Maybe that is what he is seeing?

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