[aprssig] Weather Bulletins for Central/South Central PA

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Sun Dec 16 19:21:37 EST 2007

Let me clairify a bit: I have actually have two stations running at
different locations. N3QBI is my home station, which sometimes runs
UIVIEW (and most of the time is just the Kenwood D700 by itself).
N3QBI-4 is the weather station that runs UIVIEW 24/7, and I have
remote access to it via the Internet, and N3QBI-4 is the station that
I am interested in getting the NWS messages on.

I am running UIVIEW off of RF, not the APRS server at this time. The
"raw data" I was referring to was what messages I am seeing directly,
either looking under "messages" in UIVIEW or in the "terminal" mode.

So evidently, someone somewhere is gating the NWSCTP messages, and my
station is not hearing them all the time...or that's the conclusion
I've come to.

I am seeing warning areas highlighted OK from the Philly and DC
weather offices all the time, so I assume the program is working OK.

Accessing the APRS-IS server would not be an issue from N3QBI-4, but I
would prefer to see them on RF. However, if I have to, I will set up
UIVIEW to access them from the APRS-IS server.

BTW, I am not using PMAP. I am using the Delorme maps from a few years
ago. That's another issue I will have to tackle sometime, updating the

Darrell Lingenfield 3rd

On 12/16/07, Keith VE7GDH <ve7gdh at rac.ca> wrote:
> Darrell N3QBI wrote...
> > After recently installing UI-NWS, and making the correct settings for
> > my area, it seems to me that the only weather bulletins being sent out
> > over APRS are for the Washington, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas (I
> > even saw one for Detroit!!).
> >
> > My question is: are the bulletins being sent out for the area covered
> > by the State College PA weather office (which handles the weather
> > forecasting for my area)??
> I don't think you said what is the callsign-SSID of the station that
> isn't receiving the NWS bulletins, but guessing that it might be N3QBI I
> looked at <http://map.findu.com/N3QBI*>. I see that N3QBI is UI-View
> with an RF connection and N3QBI-4 is a UI-View based weather station
> also with an RF connection.
> Is it on N3QBI that you aren't seeing the NWS bulletins that you
> are looking for? If that station is on RF only, you aren't going to
> see any NWS bulletins at all unless your local IGate is gating them to
> RF. I don't think any responsible IGate is going to gate all NWS
> bulletins to RF, but they might gate local bulletins. If you had a TCPIP
> connection, you could get all of them yourself. You did say...
> >  Even checking the "raw" data directly, I don't seem to find
> > any for the central/south central part of PA. (the zones are:
> > PA035, 036, 063 and 064...and the counties are Franklin,
> > Fulton, Cumberland and Adams).
> I'm not sure if you are inferring the raw data is from the APRS-IS or
> what you are seeing on RF.
> By any chance are you using PMapServer 7? If so, do you have "shade
> states" enabled. It looks that would hide all the warnings etc. from
> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
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