[aprssig] Trouble Connecting & Configuring KPC 3+ to an Intel Duo iMac

George Ring ringg at starband.net
Sat Dec 15 22:54:36 EST 2007

Hello, All,

I'm new to the list, (and to ham radios, for that matter) so this  
question may have been dealt with in the past.  I have been running  
WinAPRS on a Dell laptop running XP Pro.  I recently bought a new iMac  
with an Intel Duo processor, running Leopard (10.5).  I am having  
difficulty connecting my KPC 3+ TNC to the iMac.  I bought a Keyspan  
serial-USB adapter and downloaded the latest driver.  The System  
Profiler recognizes the adapter on the USB port but there doesn't seem  
to be any communication. The green light on the adapter blinks with a  
regular frequency (usually meaning that the device is idle).  Tech  
Support (Ken) at Kantronics told me that when I power up the TNC that  
I should see a stream of data appearing on the Terminal window.  My  
terminal window appears blank, though (only the prompt).  I run Mac  
APRS Carbon Release, but it also doesn't appear to be sending any  
signals to the TNC.

Has anyone successfully connected a KPC 3+ to a Mac with an Intel Duo  
processor running Leopard?

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

All the best,

George  KC2RAC

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