[aprssig] Kenwood RC-D210 Anyone have it ?

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 20:34:58 EST 2007

OK thanks, the advertising is quite confusing since it states that it will
work with certain radios Kenwood radios not ANY radio and starts saying that
it will make the V71 radio into a D710. I thought that I could swap the face
of my V7 with the RC-D210 and get the TNC features along with standard radio

I guess my V7A will just end up either in the scrap pile or turned into a
remote base where I don't need the display. I'll find some of my Motorola
radios and use those for now, cash is a bit tight to be buying a 710 at this
moment and that's really the radio on my wish list after a TS-2000X.

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Regarding the D710 Display Head:

> a) Is it available?
> b) Does anyone have one and have any reviews?

Anyone with a D710 radio has one.  The display-head-only product
is the same control head (I think) but comes with the right
cable and fuse to properly connect it externally to 12 volts.

> c) MOST OF ALL- Will the RC-D210 give me full
> front pannel capabilities or at least full
> display for frequency and settings?

No, not at all.  When detached from a D710, it is an APRS system
only.  That is, full APRS functionality of the D710 but without
ANY radio control or frequency control operation.

Good exampple of use is for when you remove it from the car to
keep some druggie from bashingout your windows to steal it, you
can take it in your pocket along with your old Icom-2AT (or any
other 2m HT) indoors and continue to operate APRS...


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> Rich K4GPS
> York SC
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