[aprssig] Solar Powered Digi's and Voice Alert.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 4 20:58:17 EST 2007

> our solar powered digi... works with 60 Watts solar 
> panel... a KPC3+, Kenwood TH-22, Ultimeter 2000, 
> and cross-band repeater.

One way to greatly facilitate TEAM operation on APRS is to put
up a cross band transceiver for area-wide VOICE alert.  The
input is on UHF (with PL) and the output is on the APRS channel
with PL-100.

This way, voice alert is extended far beyond simplex to actually
cover your entire local area.  This way, all APRS stations can
instantly make a voice alert to ALL stations in the area, no
matter what they are doing with their other radios.

Of course, this is pandora's box.  Over use, by one or more
individuals could drive everyone nuts and cause them to turn off
voice alert.  But in my mind, it is a GREAT backup emergency
alert system.  If rarely used...

Think of it as an APRS 911 system.  IE, never used, but
available for when you really need it.


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