[aprssig] Solar Powered Digi's and Voice Alert.

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Tue Dec 4 22:27:23 EST 2007

On 5 Dec 2007, at 01:58, Robert Bruninga wrote:

>> our solar powered digi... works with 60 Watts solar
>> panel... a KPC3+, Kenwood TH-22, Ultimeter 2000,
>> and cross-band repeater.
> One way to greatly facilitate TEAM operation on APRS is to put
> up a cross band transceiver for area-wide VOICE alert.  The
> input is on UHF (with PL) and the output is on the APRS channel
> with PL-100.
> This way, voice alert is extended far beyond simplex to actually
> cover your entire local area.  This way, all APRS stations can
> instantly make a voice alert to ALL stations in the area, no
> matter what they are doing with their other radios.
> Of course, this is pandora's box.  Over use, by one or more
> individuals could drive everyone nuts and cause them to turn off
> voice alert.  But in my mind, it is a GREAT backup emergency
> alert system.  If rarely used...
> Think of it as an APRS 911 system.  IE, never used, but
> available for when you really need it.

I know what your saying, but I'm not sure why I would do it.  Do you  
envisage being used like a wide area pager or something like that?


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