[aprssig] TEMPn-N system for fill-in UIDIGI's and D700's

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 28 09:56:50 EST 2006

Just to make it simple for us simple folks, let's make sure I understand 
how to do this.

In my D700 Setup::

1.  On the UIDIGI menu (Menu 3-L) Input to read on the screen "TEMPn-N" 
  ONLY( i.e remove all ALIAS's?  Or do we put in actual values for "n" 
and "N", with the values being dependent on the local network conditions?

2.  Turn DIGIPEATER ON  (Menu 3-K) and leave it on at all times?

(Currently I have it set to WIDE1-1, and leave the DIGIPEATER off, 
turning it on only if I need a fill in DIGI for an event, traveling with 
a low power tracker in another vehicle, etc.)

3.  Then, when needing a temporary DIGI, add TEMP2-2, etc. to the path 
of the other devices that will be using the D-700 as a digi(or replace 
the current path in your Field Day example so as to use only the temp 

You know us ex-AF types.  Gotta be in a checklist if you want us to do 
it right!  ;-)

Robert Bruninga wrote:

> There is Another possibility for UIDIGI fill-in digis
> to consider.
> For a year or more (as part of the New-N
> Paradigm), I have been proposing that
> we have an additional "flood" path that is 
> pre-programmed into all D-700 mobile radios
> for special and emeergency use.  Since we
> do NOT want these radios acting as digis all
> the time, but we DO want to be able to use
> them consistently if needed, I have proposed
> the TEMPn-N system.
> By having TEMPn-N installed in all D-700 digis
> all the time, then when needed and at any time,
> someone can possibly get a message out of
> an area if he can hit someone nearby with
> a D700.  Without the impossible task of having
> to find the operator and get him to turn on
> his digi.  It would just be there all the time
> though not be a normal burden to anyone.
> Another BIG advnantage of this is FIELD DAY!
> The requirement on FD for APRS is that one
> cannot use any existing fixed infrastructure
> and must set up a temporary digi to use
> for FD.  Rather than every year trying to
> get mobile/portable digis set up, all we ahve
> to do is park the car in a good location and
> just use TEMPn-N on that day.  Done.
> It still amazes me that we are not taking full
> advantage of these radios.  Everytime I go
> someplace new and meet a bunch of hams,\
> in most locations, most D700 owners are still
> not even aware of "voice alert" for their
> radios.  SO it will be hard to get the word out.
> But we should make it part of the APRS mantra.
> Set all D700's (and in this case), the default path
> for fill-in-UI-DIGI's with UITRACE TEMPn-N.
> de WB4APR, Bob

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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