[aprssig] TEMPn-N system for fill-in UIDIGI's and D700's

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 28 12:31:24 EST 2006

No, you cannot set TEMPn-N into the D700 without
using a laptop.  That is why we have not encouraged
using them as WIDEn-N temproary digis, because then
it takes forever for someone to turn them back off.
Meantime we live with weeks of QRM.

To set up the D700 as a permanent TEMPn-N mobile DIGI:

1) Set it to PACKET mode
2) Connect a laptop to the serial port
3) set UITRACE TEMP.  
    set HID OFF.

Done.  It works independent of the APRS MENU
setting of DIGI off or ON.  This is what makes it
so valuable.  But it also does not add any QRM
to the channel because no one uses TEMPn-N

Now go back to APRS mode and set your APRS
MENU to have DIGI OFF so that it will not normally
digipeat from the UIDIGI APRS MENU which I 
think defaults to RELAY.

Having all these digis available all the time will make
using TEMPn-N for Field Day (or any other emergency)
 a done-deal.


>>> Randy Allen <ka0azs at earthlink.net> 01/28/06 9:56 AM >>>
Just to make it simple for us simple folks, let's make sure I understand 
how to do this.

In my D700 Setup::

1.  On the UIDIGI menu (Menu 3-L) Input to read on the screen "TEMPn-N" 
  ONLY( i.e remove all ALIAS's?  Or do we put in actual values for "n" 
and "N", with the values being dependent on the local network conditions?

2.  Turn DIGIPEATER ON  (Menu 3-K) and leave it on at all times?

(Currently I have it set to WIDE1-1, and leave the DIGIPEATER off, 
turning it on only if I need a fill in DIGI for an event, traveling with 
a low power tracker in another vehicle, etc.)

3.  Then, when needing a temporary DIGI, add TEMP2-2, etc. to the path 
of the other devices that will be using the D-700 as a digi(or replace 
the current path in your Field Day example so as to use only the temp 

You know us ex-AF types.  Gotta be in a checklist if you want us to do 
it right!  ;-)

Robert Bruninga wrote:

> There is Another possibility for UIDIGI fill-in digis
> to consider.
> For a year or more (as part of the New-N
> Paradigm), I have been proposing that
> we have an additional "flood" path that is 
> pre-programmed into all D-700 mobile radios
> for special and emeergency use.  Since we
> do NOT want these radios acting as digis all
> the time, but we DO want to be able to use
> them consistently if needed, I have proposed
> the TEMPn-N system.
> By having TEMPn-N installed in all D-700 digis
> all the time, then when needed and at any time,
> someone can possibly get a message out of
> an area if he can hit someone nearby with
> a D700.  Without the impossible task of having
> to find the operator and get him to turn on
> his digi.  It would just be there all the time
> though not be a normal burden to anyone.
> Another BIG advnantage of this is FIELD DAY!
> The requirement on FD for APRS is that one
> cannot use any existing fixed infrastructure
> and must set up a temporary digi to use
> for FD.  Rather than every year trying to
> get mobile/portable digis set up, all we ahve
> to do is park the car in a good location and
> just use TEMPn-N on that day.  Done.
> It still amazes me that we are not taking full
> advantage of these radios.  Everytime I go
> someplace new and meet a bunch of hams,\
> in most locations, most D700 owners are still
> not even aware of "voice alert" for their
> radios.  SO it will be hard to get the word out.
> But we should make it part of the APRS mantra.
> Set all D700's (and in this case), the default path
> for fill-in-UI-DIGI's with UITRACE TEMPn-N.
> de WB4APR, Bob

Randy Allen, KAØAZS

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