[aprssig] Re: KPC-3

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 25 13:54:52 EST 2006

> I've heard from a very close buddy that he got his old KPC-3 
> (not the +)  
> somehow upgraded to the 8.2 version. Don't know how to do it 

They WERE selling ROMs before - for around $60, I think.  I'm sure
Kantronics sees continuing to provide KPC-3 updates as having a negative
impact on their KPC-3+ sales, which is why I don't expect to ever see the
8.2 ROMs available again.

Asking them to put it in the public domain is bound to be futile.  I'd
considered asking them if they'd license the ROM image (object code only,
and only for use in Kantronics equipment) so ROMs could be sold by someone
else, but it still comes back to competition with the KPC-3+.  Besides,
based on what they were selling the $2 chips for before, I doubt they'd
license it for a reasonable price.


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