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Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Wed Jan 25 13:38:49 EST 2006

I've heard from a very close buddy that he got his old KPC-3 (not the +)  
somehow upgraded to the 8.2 version. Don't know how to do it just know that it 
is possible. When I talked to Kantronics about it they said it's not even 
possible to upgrade the old KPC3's (not +) but I've seen it done. I wish they 
would simply re-release the software to the general public. From what I've seen 
it looks like APRS has given some life to the older units. Looks to me like for 
a couple of pennies Kantronics sell a 8.2 version and make some dollars.

I got a KPC3 (not + or v8.2) for $20 but I've seen them go on Ebay for close to 
$100. If you don't have the latest version of software you can still use the 
KPC3 for APRS but you would want to do it connected to a computer in KISS mode 
so that the computer does all the work. Not sure which version of firmware you 
have to get to to have the GPS functions included other than I know 8.2 can do 

Quoting Len Revelle <lenrev at ameritech.net>:

> I asked Kantronic if they would release the v8.2 code
> for the KPC-3 to public domain and was told they would
> not. They did find a remaining eprom in stock but said
> it was the last.
> I still use the KPC-3 as a WIDE and STATE digi. I
> occasionally get a complaint that it has quirks but no
> one has offered to sponser a WIDE/STATE so I use what
> I have.
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