[aprssig] Radio Shack (NOT)

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Mon Jan 23 06:33:42 EST 2006

That explains a lot!...
1/8" = 3.175mm  A bit small for the 3.5mm jack's as come out of the far
east...  No wonder the modern plugs you buy (even here in the UK) are a
sloppy fit in the sockets as fitted to Japanese radios.  The so called
2.5mm versions are often unusable.
As to RatShack.  They had a presence here in the UK up to about 10 to 15
years ago.  Selling small parts (at high prices) as well as the usual
domestic crud.  I even remember seeing 115V gadgets for sale in a 240V
territory!!  How's that for bad management?
They couldn't compete with the local players, the Dixon's and Curry's
etc for the domestic, and Maplin's for the parts.  As for the staff,
yes, I wouldn't go even as far as saying the "lights were on", sad
Maplin stores here are now slowly getting less and less useful for
constructors, but it does vary from store to store.  Unless you want to
fit a 50kW audio system to your car, then they seem to have everything,
including gold plated 0AWG power leads!  I ask you.....

The one hear in Milton Keynes seems to be one of the slightly better
ones.  The manageress is knowledgeable too, and run's a tight ship.

For those in the UK, Farnell will let you open a personal credit card
based account, and sell you anything from their catalogs.  That also
includes the "Newark" catalogue line (loads of US sourced parts)  CPC
(part of Farnell) are also a good source, for "domestic" parts too.
Both are good if you make up an order that is over the minimum order
limit.  But also for emergency use, they generally get stuff to you next
working day, or better if you pay even more.


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	1/8" Stereo Panel-Mount Audio Jack (2-pack) is RadioShack part
number 274-249.  It should be available at all the RadioShack stores,
even in the mall. 

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