[aprssig] APRS Radio

Rich Mulvey aprs at mulveyfamily.com
Mon Jan 9 08:49:20 EST 2006

Wes Johnston wrote:

>That would be the alinco 135 and/or the kenwood d700.  They both contain
>the same TNC made by tasco which is (mostly) tnc-2 compatible.
>All this talk recently on the sig about what kenwood will/won't do with
>firmware has got my eyeing an older kenwood... was it the V7a?  The one
>that you could make the data port dedicated to one side or the other.

   Yes - the TM-V7a is what I use in the car with a TT3.  It can be set 
up with one side for data, and the other side for either VHF or UHF 
"normal" operation.  Very, very convenient - I wish more manufacturers 
would produce rigs with that feature.  It makes for an ideal packet 
station, too.

   If you do get the V7a ( which went out production last year ), make 
sure to try and get one of the ones with the purple trim around the 
remote head.  This is the "improved" display.  Older ones, with black 
trim, often ended up with the infamous V7a "line" problem, in which the 
LCD started filling up with lines that made it unreadable.

- Rich

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