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Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Jan 7 13:04:59 EST 2006

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, n8vul wrote:

> I have never run Xastir for one simple reason.  I could not find the files I
> needed.


Download *.tgz files containing the full source distribution from
the SourceForge->Files link.

Download various binary versions from the Binary Downloads link.

CVS is also available, and we have STABLE and RELEASE tags that we
regularly update in the CVS sources (for those familiar with CVS).

If you're after a version to run on Windows, the easiest/fastest
method is the Lintronix install (a link to that is in the Windows
section of the Binary Downloads page).  For those that want to keep
up with the developers, read/follow the instructions in the
README.win32 document, or there's a method via the Lintronix install
to get going with CVS as well.

For Linux and all other OS'es we run on, the "INSTALL" document has
the needed info.

Anyone wishing to get help with the install/usage of Xastir can
subscribe to the "Xastir" mailing list, a link to which is on the
left on the Xastir homepage.

> I think that if someone says they are
> having a hard time getting Xastir downloaded and installed on their computers,
> it isn't a an opening to blast them  for not being a linux Nerd.

I don't think I've ever seen such talk from any of the people
supporting Xastir.  We all had to start somewhere too you know, and
it couldn't have been _that_ many years ago that any of us were
starting into Unix/Linux!  Who blasted anyone for not being a Linux

> It is that
> the documentation for taking Linux files and applying them to windows isn't
> complete or just is too difficult to understand.

That's why the Lintronix install was created.  Makes it easier for
people.  Note that was a separate project not directly associated
with the Xastir project, but I'm very glad that he did it.  Since
you're on dial-up, you might contact him and see if he has CDROM's
available currently.  I'm in the same boat where a Cygwin install is
difficult on dial-up.

Xastir will doing another official release soon (should be this
month), so it might be good to wait until that version makes it into
the Lintronix install, so you get the latest fresh

> I myself have tried many times to find the iso image for xastir and cygwin to
> install it on my machine and try it out.

There were simple instructions for FC4 listed on the Xastir mailing
list recently by one of the users.  You mentioned RedHat, but I
don't know if you're running FC3 or FC4 now, or an old version of

There are RPM's available for SuSE 9.0.  There are other binary
packages, whether they be RPM's or DEB or some other, available.
Ask on the Xastir list if you can't find what you need.  Some user
running that particular OS will usually help out, assuming
somebody's installed Xastir on that particular Unix/Linux.

> But after 2weeks of banging my head
> on the screen, I gave up.

Did you ask questions at the time on the Xastir list, or just keep
banging your head on something?  Those that ask, receive help.
Squeaky wheel and all that.

> After reading some messages on this board , I see
> that many others have the same problems.  That should be a clue on how hard it
> is or on the how incomplete the  documentation is.

Realize that this particular list is heavily slanted towards Windows
users, and many of them seem to have a bias toward anything
non-Windows.  Subscribe to the Xastir list and you'll start seeing a
more even-handed approach to the whole thing.

I typed that paragraph several times before I could tone it down
enough.  I think it came out well.

Speaking to how incomplete the docs are, did you submit suggestions
back to the developers?  Input from users is the only good method to
know where to apply our efforts.  We're pressed for time just like
everyone else.  Coding and updates to documents occur on an ongoing
basis.  If you want the right parts (from your perspective) of the
code/docs to get updated you'd better say something.  On the right
forum of course, This ain't it.

> I myself have given up on
> that program.  I just want to load and run the program to evaluate it.  when
> it is that difficult, it just isn't worth it. And a lot of people wonder why
> Linux hasn't taken off as a real Window Alternative.
> I have always liked Linux but it is lacking in real world usability. As far as
> Xastir is concerned, maybe in 3 or 4 years I will try again.

You might try one of the Debian installations.  Xastir is a standard
package there.  Nothing like using the standard package manager for
the distribution and clicking on yet another package to install it.
I assume that's the sort of thing you're looking for.  There are
Ubuntu and Kubuntu also, which appear to be Debian, but with faster
release schedules.  Check them out.

Some of the users maintain binary packages for some of the other
Unix/Linux/MacOSX distributions.  Find them on the Binary Downloads
page or ask on the Xastir list if you don't see what you're looking

Better luck next time around.  You should be armed with the
knowledge now in order to succeed.  If not, ask (on the Xastir list,
need I keep saying that?  ;-)

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