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Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Sat Jan 7 13:35:43 EST 2006

> You might try one of the Debian installations.  Xastir is a standard
> package there.  Nothing like using the standard package manager for
> the distribution and clicking on yet another package to install it.
> I assume that's the sort of thing you're looking for.  There are
> Ubuntu and Kubuntu also, which appear to be Debian, but with faster
> release schedules.  Check them out.

Pardon me if I repeat somebody I came to this party late. For the most part
I have to agree that Linux and Xastir is hard to install especially on
Windoz. Read on if you want a larger explanation.

You might want to try MEPIS as a Disto. Its a very easy to install flavor of
Debian. I got MEPIS to install on an older computer when Debian couldn't
figure out my video card. You can even test drive MEPIS before you install
it on your computer. Simply put the Bootable CD into your computer (make
sure your BIOS is set to boot from CD) and turn the computer on. If you
don't have a lot of RAM it will take a LONG time to do anything. (The reason
is that it's using part of your RAM as a hard drive.) There are two built in
users DEMO (forgot password for that one) and ROOT (type it as root not
ROOT) with a password of root. Once the desktop loads (takes almost 15
minutes or more on a old 233mhz machine) you'll find an icon called "Install
Me" (or something like that). If you click on that it will take you through
all the install and reinstall options. (Reinstall is there in case your like
me and have to tinker with the thing until you break it once or twice.)

Once your get MEPIS or Debian installed Xastir is very easy to install. You
can install Xastir either from a command line prompt or in X-Windows GUI
(Graphical User Interface) in MEPIS or Debian. Once you launch the desktop
in X-Windows you open a program called Synaptic. I think it's under System
tools in the startup menu (click on the K in the bottom left hand corner of
the desktop). In there all the packages are listed by subject. Go down to
the line marked Ham Radio and open it up you'll find all kinds of free Ham
Radio software there. To install all you do is click on the package
(program) and Synaptic will do all the rest. To install from a command line
you simply type "apt-get install Xastir" and it goes out downloads
everything it needs and installs it for you.

Yes Linux isn't quite as easy to learn as Windoz but it is a whole lot more
powerful than Windoz. Not only more powerful but a WHOLE lot less expensive.
Linux is more stable than Windoz and that includes WinXP (don't flame me
because it's just my opinion and your still entitled to yours...after all
it's still a free country :D). At first I didn't think it was worth my time
to learn but after investing hundreds of hours into it I've changed my mind.
Don't forget that ALL of the manuals for Linux and it's programs are written
by people in their SPARE time so you'll have to excuse them a little if they
don't invest hundreds of hours just writing the manuals. When ever I take on
a Linux project I know right up front that I'll probably have to visit
several different web sites and email a couple more people to get it right.

Sorry if I over simplified any of this I'm attempting to write it to reach a
very broad audience.

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