[aprssig] RE: The best resolution of

n8vul n8vul at ohiohills.com
Sat Jan 7 10:01:09 EST 2006

I have never run Xastir for one simple reason.  I could not find the 
files I needed. I have only dial-up,  I am not a computer GEEK or a 
LINUX Nerd.  Just a working stiff who dabbles in computers.  I have been 
running windows since it came out and linux since Red Hat started.  I 
might not be a geek or a nerd but I am also not computer illiterate.  I 
think that if someone says they are having a hard time getting Xastir 
downloaded and installed on their computers, it isn't a an opening to 
blast them  for not being a linux Nerd.  It is that the documentation 
for taking Linux files and applying them to windows isn't complete or 
just is too difficult to understand.  Some people don't want to know how 
to program in C or Assembly, They want to just install a program, who 
someone says it good, and run it.  When I go shopping for a car, I look 
at the appearance of the car, Not how to engineer the machines that 
built the thing.  If I had to engineer the machines to build the car, I 
probable wouldn't have one.
I myself have tried many times to find the iso image for xastir and 
cygwin to install it on my machine and try it out.  But after 2weeks of 
banging my head on the screen, I gave up.  After reading some messages 
on this board , I see that many others have the same problems.  That 
should be a clue on how hard it is or on the how incomplete the  
documentation is.  I myself have given up on that program.  I just want 
to load and run the program to evaluate it.  when it is that difficult, 
it just isn't worth it. And a lot of people wonder why Linux hasn't 
taken off as a real Window Alternative.
I have always liked Linux but it is lacking in real world usability. As 
far as Xastir is concerned, maybe in 3 or 4 years I will try again.

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