[aprssig] FAO Curt WE7U

Curt Mills archer at eskimo.com
Sat Jan 7 13:21:31 EST 2006

On Sat, 7 Jan 2006, Dave Baxter wrote:

> I try and reply to you off list, but your system keeps rejecting the mails.
> Any particular reason.

I believe they implemented black-listing or grey-listing in the past
year or so.  I don't know the details of it, sorry.

You can try sending to "we7u at users.sourceforge.net" instead, to see
if that'll make it through.  That one forwards to this account.

I'll bring it up with the SysAdmin of my ISP though.  There may be a
a problem with mail currently.

> As to detailed comments on Xastir, as I've removed it now, it's
> dificult to add more detail to what I've already said.

It's also difficult to change Xastir based on vague comments about
usability.  If you should choose to try again in the future and
would write up some notes and send them to me, they will be
read/digested and perhaps we'll make some changes based on them.

Input from new users is good, as fresh eyes looking at something end
up seeing things that the rest of us, who are already used to the
way things work, would miss entirely.

> If someone wants to compile the latest versuon for Cygwin, I'll
> take another more detailed look for you, and comment
> accordingly...

Check back at the Lintronix site later this month or perhaps in
February.  I think he's waiting for the next official release of
Xastir to come out before he updates, which should be soon.

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