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J. Lance Cotton joe at lightningflash.net
Thu Jan 5 13:18:39 EST 2006

Bill Diaz wrote:
> I doubt that is the case.  When I pointed out the difficulties many users
> encountered when trying to install XAstir you refused to acknowledge this
> and tried to turn the discussion into an operating systems war.  I was also
> "pounced" on by other XAstir users who also did not want to admit that some
> users had Xastir install issues.

People should understand that Xastir is not an island unto itself. It's part
of a community called "Linux users" (and then some). Linux/UNIX users have a
way that things are done, applications installed, settings saved, etc. It's
a community of standards and conventions.

When someone comes to the Xastir mailing list and asks for help, they
receive help. If their question consists of something like, "why isn't
Xastir as easy to install as some of the Windows programs?", we have to
answer with "This isn't windows, we have a different way of doing things."

And it's not a way that Xastir developers made up, by the way, it's the way
things have been done on Linux/UNIX for a long time.

When Xastir users tell other APRS users that Xastir is great, it doesn't
mean that those who want to use a great APRS client program are required to
use it.

Xastir was born into the Linux community and will continue to abide by the
standards and conventions of that community. If someone does not wish to
understand and learn those conventions, it does make it difficult to help
them, but still we try anyway and we try with as much politeness and candor 
as can be found in the most polite of Linux/UNIX user forums.

J. Lance Cotton, KJ5O
joe at lightningflash.net
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