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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 4 19:56:23 EST 2006

>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 01/04/06 1:32 PM >>>
>> You can still buy B&W TV's today that work just fine ...
>>.. thank  you.
>Exactly.  How many folks with B&W TV's are saying 
>that there shouldn't be Color TV since they can't receive it?

Wow, I dont think you understand the analogy.
The kenwood users are not saying you cant add
additonal precisin to your objects.    In fact, the
APRS spec responded to this problem by doing what
the color TV standard did.

It came up with the !DAO! 1 foot precision overlay
on to the existing object format so that those that
wanted the extra precison could see it and those
that had existing radios could STILL SEE IT TOO.

If you are trying to make an analogy that is true
to this issue, then it places XASTIR in the camp of
those color proponents back in 1950's who wanted
to come up with an all  NEW color standard that
would instantly obsolete all B/W TV sets and not
allow them to see color programs at all.

Arent we all glad that cooler heads prevailed and
insisted on color being added as an OVERLAY to the
B/W signal instead of a replacement of all existing
hardware at the time!

That is what I am trying to do.  Make sure that
additional precions for objects is added within
the existing format so that no existing code is

de Wb4APR, Bob


Everybody here have a DC ready TV, probably B&W, that runs on emergency
power?   I do!

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