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Steve Huston huston at astro.princeton.edu
Thu Jan 5 13:02:18 EST 2006

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, Bill Diaz wrote:
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>> The Xastir list is much more open to suggestions, I must say.  We
>> tend not to pounce on people just because they have a different
>> opinion.
> I doubt that is the case.  When I pointed out the difficulties many users
> encountered when trying to install XAstir you refused to acknowledge this
> and tried to turn the discussion into an operating systems war.  I was also
> "pounced" on by other XAstir users who also did not want to admit that some
> users had Xastir install issues.
> Why do you insist on insulting all windows users with every post you make on
> the sig?  Your tag lines indicate to me that you feel all Windows users are
> stupid.
> Based on your posts on the sig regarding XAstir install issues and your
> offensive tag line, I find it hard to believe the XAstir list would be open
> to any opinions that are contrary to yours.

Oh here we go again... just let it go, man.  Just let it go.

At least the current flamewar is *about* APRS...

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