[aprssig] The best resolution of ---

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 4 23:00:36 EST 2006

> "Unicast" - station to station - this packet goes from KG2V to WA2GUG
> "Broadcast" - "This packet goes from KG2V to EVERYONE who can hear me"
> and the hardest - and probably MOST important
> "Multicast" - this packet goes to the following list of people - and
> sometimes you have to put together the packet more than once

Yeah, if you figure out a lightweight way to do that, let me know!

> I'd say base the who darned thing on TCP/IP - the stacks and the like
> will already be there

OpenTRAC has already been assigned TCP/UDP port 3855 by IANA.  It's intended
to function over IP, but not to rely on it.  I think IP is going to impose
too much bloat on small trackers.


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