[aprssig] The best resolution of ---

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Jan 4 20:40:28 EST 2006

> Arent we all glad that cooler heads prevailed and
> insisted on color being added as an OVERLAY to the
> B/W signal instead of a replacement of all existing
> hardware at the time!

They could never do that.  Right?  At least not until, what is the 
schedule today, 2009?

It's only a matter of time.

Same for APRS as we know it.

> That is what I am trying to do.  Make sure that
> additional precions for objects is added within
> the existing format so that no existing code is
> broken.

You're fighting the good battles but we (amateur radio) are losing the 
war.  We can't afford to put this much effort in to a non-issue.  If 
Curt wants to create a weird object or two - great.  I'll tweak my gizmo 
and drop a couple cherry bomb storm clouds on his zip code location when 
he does.  It's a non-issue and doesn't affect the zillions and zillons 
of folks on findu and the last 3 of us still doing RF.

Personally - I'd make it a compile time option in Xastir.  That would 
make it a conscious decision if somebody wanted it.  BUT IT'S NOT WORTH 
THE EFFORT.  Too many other worthy projects to engage.

I just hope the inevitable D700 replacement isn't a cell phone...


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