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> In other words, #1 is broken and can never be fixed.

Only because Kenwood refuses to update their firmware.  BTW, there are
only 5,691 stations reporting as D7s or D700s out of 25,016 total
reporting stations world-wide over the past 30 days (about 20% of the
active stations).  Far short of your 10,000 number but still
significant.  There are probably more D7s and D700s out there (only
Kenwood knows how many they have sold), but they aren't being used in
APRS mode.

> Whereas #2 is 100% compatible witih everything out there, 
> does not  break anything, and those people who must have 
> 1foot resolution can have it.  Done.

With a lot of tweaking and interpretation that must be done manually as
most software has never implemented your idea and the Kenwoods
definitely don't implement it.

Flame on...


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